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Continuing Education
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Monday, August 30, 2021 9:00 AM
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Thursday, September 2, 2021 4:00 PM


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This retreat-style event is provided so that public library directors in Montana can explore their role in providing fair access to library services for every Montanan.  The institute will focus on resource sharing and collaboration by promoting peer relationships and kinship between library directors. Projects or programs that will benefit from regional or statewide collaboration will be identified and action plans developed for follow-through.  This is the institute where the next big thing in Montana public library services is likely to be uncovered.  

No charge to attend - room, meals, all materials, and training provided.  Sessions are expected to run into the evening most days, so please do not schedule any other activities during the institute. Make plans to attend all 4 days.  

The Ursuline Centre in Great Falls is a century old historic campus and former boarding school for children.  The center is now operated as an ecumenical space for retreats of all kinds.  Expect modest dormitory accomodations and an active agenda designed for library directors to reconnect and reflect, together, on the work we do as we make plans for our future, together.  The Montana State Library has not offered a director's retreat in many years, and this event is a singular opportunity for public library directors to reconnect, greet new colleagues, and purposefully advance the role that public libraries play in our democratic society.




Usuline Centre




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24.0 creditsLibrary Administration
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Flick, Joann - Staff (Montana State Library)
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