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Webside Chat with Montana State Librarian, Jennie Stapp

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Friday, May 14, 2021 12:00 PM
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Friday, May 14, 2021 1:00 PM


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Join Montana State Librarian, Jennie Stapp, for a full recap of the actions of the 2021 Montana Legislative session at this edition of the Webside Chat. This update will also include important information about funding for libraries through the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) and plans at the Montana State Library for statewide ARPA-funded projects.  The recently reorganized Network Advisory's inaugural meeting will yeild plans for the reconstituted Montana Library Network's programs and that topic will be covered as well.

Register if you plan to attend live.  Registration assures that your attendance will be correctly recorded, so if more than one person is attending from a library, but watching together, it's best for everyone attending to register.  OPI credit is available to those that attend this event live, contact Jo Flick immediately following the event to request your credit. 

All Webside Chats are recorded and posted to Vimeo: For a direct link to the video for this event, use the link listed, allowing a few hours after the event for the Vimeo Link to replace the Zoom Link. 

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1.0 creditsLibrary Administration
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Stapp, Jennie - State Librarian (Montana State Library)
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Flick, Joann - Staff (Montana State Library)

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