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2023 MLA Conference: Montana, Challenged Books and Responses

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2023 Montana Library Association Conference: Keeping Libraries Wild
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Friday, April 14, 2023 8:30 AM
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Friday, April 14, 2023 9:30 AM


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Registered conference attendees who attend can claim MSL CE credits for this workshop. 
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Books can be mirrors and windows, readers need to see themselves in some titles and have a window to other worlds in others. Montana's had some struggles with challenged books this year. Reading newspapers shows some of them. Survey results of Montana Library Association members will be shared. While not comprehensive, it does allow some pattern recognition. What topics are the books being challenged? What are the strategies librarians are using to continue to be responsive to their communities? Who is assisting them? Why does it matter? Come and the presenters will reveal all!

Kellian Clink is a librarian in Minnesota but is from Wyoming and always enjoys meeting up with fellow Westerners. She's presented at MLA, PNLA, taught graduate level library classes, and values books and reading and readers.

Jasmine James is 30 years old and nonbinary. Born in North Carolina, she moved to the Bozeman area in 2013. She took over management of the Bozeman Poetry Collective in 2017, and started volunteering at the public library in 2021. I achieved my bachelor’s in Literature from Montana State University in 2020 and started my MLIS in August of 2022. I love Montana because of the unquestioned personal autonomy I was given immediately. Book banning seems so antithetical in a place committed to a culture of freedom and personal responsibility. The freedom to read is protected by the first amendment, which makes us uniquely American. A bad idea is only defeated by a good idea.

Matt Beckstrom has been the systems librarian at Lewis & Clark for more than 23 years. In addition, he is the Montana Library Association's ALA and ACLU representative. Presentations have included Casting Light on the Dark Web, Adopting Encryption Technologies, Privacy Update, & Providing Unique Collections.



Billings, MT



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1.0 creditsLibrary Services to the Public
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Bartow, Colet - Staff (Montana State Library)
Vriesman, Kirk - Director (Montana Library Association)

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