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The legally recognized name of the institution that is the umbrella organization for the organization.  For example: an organization may be a branch with its own name, but its institution is a school, university, or public organization system.

Montana State Library
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Library - Special
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(406) 444-3115
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(406) 444-0266
Physical Address

Physical Address

The address of the Organization's physical building.

1201 11th Ave
Helena, MT 59601-3917
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Mailing Address

The Organization's mailing address.

PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Organization.

The Montana State Library (MSL) provides information, resources, and guidance to organizations, communities, and residents of Montana to help them expand their knowledge and empower their decisions. Our leading-edge data and applications help those seeking answers about Montana’s government, natural resources, heritage, land ownership, and more while our vital services improve public libraries and provide reading materials to those with disabilities.
Winter Hours

Winter Hours

The hours the organization is open during winter.

M-F 8a-5p
Summer Hours

Summer Hours

The hours the Organization is open in the summer.

M-F 8a-5p
Board Meetings

Board Meetings

The date, time and location of Organization board meetings.

The State Library Commission sets forth policies and funding priorities that empower the State Library to meets its mission and statutory obligations and to advocate for the State Library and the Montana library and information communities whenever possible. See the MSL Commission webpage for meeting schedule and information.


The county where the organization is located.

Lewis and Clark
Organization Barcode

Organization Bar Code

The Organization's unique numerical identifier that appears on barcodes for Organization users and Organization materials.

School Level

School Level

The school level that the organization serves.  

Not a school


Montana has several hundred libraries.  Each of these libraries belongs to a federation which is a regional network for library services.  

Broad Valleys
Friends Group

Friends Group

If this box is checked, the Organization has a Friends group - a volunteer organization that supports Organization services.

501(c)(3) Friends Group

501c3 Friends Group

This indicates whether or not the Friends group has formally applied for IRS tax-exemption.

Organization Foundation

Organization Foundation

If this box is selected, the Organization has a foundation which is a non-profit organization that supports Organization services.

501(c)(3) Foundation

501c3 Foundation

The foundation supporting this organization has gone through the process of applying for IRS tax exemption status.

State Depository

State Depository

Some Organizations have agreed to be state depositories.  These Organizations provide access to state publications in order for the citizens of Montana to be informed about state government efforts.

Federal Depository

Federal Depository

Some Organizations have agreed to be federal depositories. These Organizations provide access to federal publications in order for the citizens of Montana to be informed about federal government efforts.



The OCLC code assigned to this library.  Many of the libraries in Montana are a part of OCLC - a non-profit cooperative that provides many of the behind the scenes tools used by Organizations.

MARC Organization Code

MARC Organization Code

The MARC Organization Code assigned to this Organization.  A MARC Organization Code is a short alphabetic code used to represent names of Organizations, organizations, and institutions that need to be identified in cataloging and in bibliographic control.

OCLC ILL Transfer Option

ILL Transfer Option

Libraries use a variety of methods for ordering materials from other Organizations for their patrons.  This service is called interlibrary loan (ILL). Libraries may use email, an ILL management system, or may even choose not to offer ILL.

ILL Requests & Mediated Management
Cataloging Classification

Cataloging Classification

The cataloging classification system used by the Organization.

Dewey Decimal System
Special Resources

Special Resource

Special resource is a unique item or collection available at the Organization.

For Montanans certified as blind, physically handicapped or learning disabled, we can provide access to materials. We have a comprehensive collection of Montana State Publications and we are a selective FDLP library for federal publications.
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Last Updated

8/15/2023 10:09:09 AM


Type Positions


Anderson, Sean Agency Procurement Officer
Arifuzzaman, Kazi Real Time Network Coordinator
Bachen, Dan Senior Zoologist
Bartow, Colet Continuing Education Coordinator
Beckstrom, Nicholas Systems Support Technician
Bennett, Marilyn Outreach Librarian
Berrin, Sherry Zoology and Botany Data Assistant
Birnel, Jennifer Montana Memory Project Director
Blandford, Troy GIS Analyst – Water Information System Manager (Lead)
Blum, Scott Biologist/Information Specialist
Briggs, Malissa Central Services Manager
Burkholder, Braden Biologist/Biological Data Analyst
Burns, Meghan GIS Programmer/Analyst
Carroll, Melanie Montana Shared Catalog System Administrator
Churchill, Carol Accounting Technician
Cochran, Bob 911 GIS Analyst
Colamaria, David Montana History Portal
Cook, Tracy Lead Consulting and Learning Librarian
Cook, Tracy Public Library Standards Task Force - Montana State Library Staff Member
Crees, Bo Data Assistant
DeMontigny, Bobbi Lifelong Learning Librarian
Fashoway, Erin State GIS Coordinator (Lead)
Fashoway, Michael GIS Programmer/Analyst (Lead)
Fossum, Lee IT Manager
Hammer, Evan Digital Library Administrator
Hardwick, Sharon Human Resources Generalist
Hedstrom, Jeff GIS Analyst
Higgins, Treva Content Management Committee
Holliday, Bob GIS Programmer/Analyst
Jackson, Patrick GIS Specialist 1
Kammerer, James Government Information Librarian (Lead)
Kamp, Rebekah Data Coordinator (Lead)
Kanduch, Ashley Accountant
Karle, Melody Montana Shared Catalog - System Administrator
Kaskie, Kyle Biological Data Scientist
Ketner, Kenny Library Systems Programmer/Analyst (Lead)
LaFromboise, Aaron Content Management Committee - Staff
Lighthiser, Genevieve Administrative Assistant
Lighthiser, Mike IT Systems Administrator
Marchwick, Amy Shared Catalog Systems Administrator
Maxell, Bryce Program Coordinator
McEwan, Alexis Assistant Zoologist
McGregor, Keiley Shared Catalog Training & Technical Support
Orban, Cara Public Library Standards Task Force - Montana State Library Staff Member
Orban, Cara Statewide Consulting Librarian
Parry, Nathan NRCS NRCS State Resource Inventory Coordinator
Pipp, Andrea Botany Program Manager
Poelsma, Guilherme Montana Library Network Technical Support
Vacant Position Shared Catalog Systems Administrator
Vacant Position Montana Shared Catalog Systems Technician
Vacant Position Statewide Consulting Librarian
Vacant Position GIS Technician
Vacant Position ASPeN Testing for OKTA
Vacant Position Consortia Director
Psaltis, Caroline GIS Specialist
Ratz, Dave Web Projects Manager
Reymer, Suzanne Statewide Consulting Librarian
Stapp, Jennie Public Library Standards Task Force - State Librarian
Stapp, Jennie State Librarian
test, test Circulation Clerk
Tosoni, Joe Database Administrator
Trebesch, Matt GIS Analyst
Tretter, Laura Montana Shared Catalog - System Administrator
Weichel, Garret GIS Technician

Board Members

Kammerer, James Safety Committee
Maxell, Bryce Safety Committee
Stapp, Jennie Montana Land Information Advisory Council Chair
Vail, Mary Library Board Member

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