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Castle Cliffs
Lincoln County, Montana

Status = Withdrawn

Description Cliff, elevation 4,850 ft, height approximately 1,830 ft;, in the Kootenai National Forest in the Cabinet Mountains 2.2 mi. SSE of Stanley Mountain, 1 mi. E of Mount Vernon
Location 48°13’46”N, 115°52’18”W
PLSS Location Sec 31, T29N, R33W and Sec 5, T28N, R33W
Proposal to make official a name in local use
Proponent Rob Neils; Spokane Valley, Washington
Administrative area Kootenai National Forest
Previous BGN Action None
See also 40801
Local Usage Castle Cliffs (local residents)
Published None found
This cliff area of approximately 525 acres in the Kootenai National Forest rises approximately 1,830 feet from its base. The proponent describes it as “a geological formation of gigantic castle-like pinnacles looking like magnificent stalagmites arranged cliff-like along a fault line where Mt Stanley’s eastern quarter split/slipped away to the east, leaving castle-like rock towers arranged in a cliff-like line. From bottom to top some of these “castles” approach 1,000 feet in height. There are about a dozen. The multitude of colors in the weather-cracked rocks which comprise the “castles” is, in early light, breath-taking. Shale screes between pinnacles slope steeply to the bottom of the obvious fault line.” He further states, “Castle Cliffs are famous to the locals for the seven-fold echo reverberated back to the noise-maker who stands on Highway 56 south of the Halfway House where the highway borders Bull Lake. Rock climbers are unable to safely scale the vertical sides of the “castles” because the composition of the rocks is so cracked and easily broken that climbing aids are useless.”

This proposal was withdrawn and resubmitted as "Bad Medicine Spires".

Montana Geographic Names Advisor Recommendation - None

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