Montana SSURGO Soils Data Download

Spatial and tabular data for all survey areas have been updated as of August 2020.


When you select a soil survey for download from the map or dropdown menu, a zipfile with the Montana survey area number will be copied to the location you select on your computer. The soil map unit polygons are contained in the spatial folder and the Microsoft Access database named soildb_MT_2003.mdb has been populated with the tables that are also found as separate text files under the tabular folder. All SSURGO databases are in Microsoft Access 2002/2003 format. This will not prevent you from opening them in Access 2007 or Access 2010. If you get a security warning when you open a SSURGO template database you may need to change your Microsoft Access security settings.

The spatial folder contains ESRI shapefiles named soilmu_a (soil map units); soilsa_a (outline of the survey area); soilsf_l (line features) and soilsf_p (point features). The soilsf_t text file provides a description of the line and point feature attribute abbreviations. Detailed soil properties for the map unit polygons can be found in the database tables and linked to the spatial data via the MUKEY polygon attribute.

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