Water Supply Forecast Maps and Reports

Water supply forecasts are the seasonal percentage of normal volume predicted for selected stream gauge stations. Seasonal water supply forecasts are available for each month from January through June beginning in 2002. For years prior to 2014 the water supply forecast maps and reports were displayed with the title "Stream Flow Prospects for Montana".

View a map by choosing the month and year of interest from the dropdown box or by selecting from the thumbnails below. Asterisk (*) denotes missing map.

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Legend (% of Normal)

Extremely Above Average (Over 150)
Much Above Average (131-150)
Above Average (111-130)
Near Average (91-110)
Below Average (71-90)
Much Below Average (51-70)
Extremely Below Average (Below 51)

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These maps are produced in partnership with the NRCS. Data are compiled by the Montana Snow Survey Program of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Please see the NRCS web site for explanations of their data collection programs.

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