Montana’s broadband connectivity is a critical resource for purposes of education and employment, to access eGovernment services, and to participate broadly in our global world


  • The State of Montana has over 200 services available online, such as driver history records, hunting licenses and unemployment insurance. Visit the online services page at: //mt.gov/services/default.aspx
  • Broadband speeds of 2.4 megabytes per second are required for DVD-quality Netflix streaming.
  • Public libraries provide no cost high speed internet for the majority of the state population.
  • 2014 concludes the state broadband mapping program, .
  • The National Broadband Plan is available at //www.fcc.gov/national-broadband-plan

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Montana Online Services

The official state website lists over 200 services in over 20 categories for available online services. Examples include:

Visit the MONTANA.GOV Onlines Services page to find additional services: //mt.gov/services/.

Comparing Data Bitrates (speeds)

Montana Public Library Broadband Speeds by Percent of Service Population


Montana Telecommunications Assets Broadband Map

State Information Technology Service Division Broadband Maps

This broadband data was compiled with other states to create the National Broadband Map created and maintained by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration. Visit the National Broadband Map website at //www.broadbandmap.gov/technology for additional information.

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