House District 15

Representative George Kipp III (D)

PO Box 191
Heart Butte, MT 59448-0191

Square Miles: 2485.8

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DemographicsHouse District 15
Population Change
Total Population 2000 8,920
Total Population 20109,600
Percent of change from 2000 to 2010 Census7.08%
Total Reported
Age 5 to 9 Years 880
10 to 14 Years 756
15 to 17 Years 490
18 to 19 Years 395
20 to 24 Years 796
25 to 34 Years 1,166
35 to 44 Years 976
45 to 54 Years 1,293
55 to 59 Years 535
60 to 64 Years 459
65 to 74 Years 565
75 to 84 Years 261
85 Years and Over 76
Percent Under 5 Years 9.92%
Percent 18 & Over 67.94%
Percent 62 Years and Over 12.24%
Percent 65 Years and Over 9.40%
Percent 85 Years and Over 0.79%
Age 0 to 17 3,078
18 to 24 Years 1,191
25 to 44 Years 2,142
45 to 64 Years 2,287
62 Years and Over 1,175
65 Years and Over 902
Under 5 Years 952
15 to 19 Years 885
18 & Over 6,522
21 & Over 5,942
Males 4,762
Females 4,838
Males 18 & Over 3,185
Females 18 & Over 3,337
Males 65 & Over 433
Females 65 & Over 469
Total Reported
Black or African American91
American Indian and Alaska Native6,159
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander15
Some Other Race74
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 350
Not Hispanic or Latino 9,250
White Alone Not Hispanic 3,229
Number of Races Reported
One Race 9,041
Two or More Races Reported559
Two Races546
Three Races11
Four Races0
Five Races2
Six Races0
18 Years and Over - Total Reported
Black or African American46
American Indian and Alaska Native3,821
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander10
Some Other Race45
18 Years and Over - Number of Races Reported
Two or More Races Reported332
Two Races324
Three Races6
Four Races0
Five Races2
Six Races0
Households - Units
Total Households 3,086
Households With Individuals Under 18 Years 1,389
Households With Individuals 65 Years and Over 690
Family Households
Family Households (Families) 2,289
With Own Children Under 18 Years 1,104
Married Couple Family 1,422
Married Couple Family - With Own Children Under 18 Years 610
Female householder No Husband Present 594
Female householder No Husband Present - With Own Children Under 18 Years 331
Nonfamily Households
Non Family Households 797
Householder Living Alone 638
Householder 65 Years and Over 619
Housing Occupancy
Total Housing Units 3,537
Occupied Housing Units 3,086
Owner Occupied 1,897
Renter Occupied 1,189
Vacant Housing Units 451
Vacant for Rent 66
Vacant for Sale 45
Vacant for Seasonal, Recreation or Occasional Use198
Housing Tenure
Total Owner Units Including Units for Sale1,942
Total Rental Units Including Units Vacant for Rent1,255
Population in Owner-Occupied Units5,404
Population in Rented Units3,899
IndustriesHouse District 15
Natural Resources
Energy Wells, Active
Coal bed methane0
Gas storage0
Energy Pipeline (1 or more miles)
Crude oil0
Liquefied petroleum gas0
Natural gas14
Refined product0
LibrariesHouse District 15
Library Type
LandHouse District 15
Land Ownership (square miles)
Local government<1
Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks49
State trust land10
Other state land<1
US Bureau of Land Management3,337
US Fish and Wildlife Service<1
US Forest Service1,724
US National Park Service<1
Other federal land<1
Conservation Easements (acres)
Bitter Root Land Trust0
City Government0
Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Conservancy0
County Government0
Ducks Unlimited0
Five Valleys Land Trust0
Flathead Land Trust0
Gallatin Valley Land Trust0
Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust0
Kaniksu Land Trust Inc.0
Montana Conservation Trust0
Montana Dept of Transportation0
Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks16,538
Montana Land Reliance1,291
Mule Deer Foundation0
National Wildlife Federation0
Prickly Pear Land Trust0
Rattlesnake Land Trust0
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation0
Salish ad Kootenai Tribal Lands119
The Bighorn Institute0
The Conservation Fund0
The Nature Conservancy165
US Bureau of Reclamation0
US Dept of Agriculture0
US Fish and Wildlife Service665
US Forest Service39
US Government553
Vital Ground Foundation0
Land in Agricultural Use (acres)
Continuously cropped185
Hay (non-irrigated)3,714
Irrigated (hay or crop)12,071
Noncommercial forest20,048
WildlifeHouse District 15
Recreation Acres
Fishing access sites0
Fishing conservation areas331
State parks0
Wildlife conservation easements7,197
Wildlife protection areas0
Wildlife management areas2,046
Block Management (acres)
Block management (acres)0

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