Montana State Library Equipment Reservation

To be sure that the items you need are available for the dates you will need them, please check the Equipment Calendar.

Laptops (reserve in sets of 4; maximum 24):
Touch Screen Computer (only 1 available):
Case of iPads (case of 10, not available individually):
Case of Nexus (case of 10, not available individually):
Number of projectors requested (maximum 5):  
Additional items:
Labs may be scheduled for pick-up between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday - Friday
Pick-up date/time:
Return date/time:
Destination/purpose of lab:
Person making the reservation:
Contact information:
Please check this box to accept the terms of using this equipment (these terms can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of this page):

Terms of using equipment - Accessory lists

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Handling, storage and transport terms

The MSL staff will verify equipment prior to deployment and will inventory equipment upon return. Bags and/or cases are provided and should be used for storage and transport.

  • Equipment should be stored in a secure location when not in use. Tablet cases should be padlocked.
  • Equipment is tagged – return equipment to appropriate bags/cases.
  • Equipment should not be stored in vehicles.
  • Equipment should be allowed to come to room temperature before they are turned on.
  • Use power cords with laptops rather than relying on batteries.
  • The user is responsible for returning all equipment to the Montana State Library in the same condition that it was received.
  • Laptop labs are equipped with DeepFreeze – which erases all content, even saved content, when the labs are shut down or lids are closed. All work must be saved to an EXTERNAL storage device when using the laptop labs. The laptops have a thawed space (E drive) where users can save their files temporarily. This drive is cleared on a regular basis.
  • Be mindful that tablet devices will retain personal and login information quite readily. This information is not easily cleared from the tablets. Users should be cautioned not to use social media or personal logins with these labs.

Wireless laptop training lab accessories

Each lab has 12 computers. However, laptops can be requested in increments of 4. Accessories that are automatically included with the lab include:

  • Computer mice (12)
  • Power supplies (12)
  • Mouse Pads
  • Power strips
  • Extension cords

Tablet lab accessories

Tablet labs can include either 10 Apple iPad 2's or 10 Google Nexus, as well as the following accessories:

  • 10 power cords per lab
  • 1 power strip with USB ports

Projector accessories

A maximum of 5 projectors can be requested. Each one will include the following accessories:

  • Projector - Manual
  • Projector - Power cord
  • Projector - Remote control
  • Projector – VGA connection cable

Additional equipment

Additional available equipment that can be requested includes:

  • Projector Pico low-lumen (1)
  • Bluetooth speaker (4)
  • Bluetooth speaker-mic set (1)

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