Metadata for Montana Building Footprints Metadata for Montana Building Footprints
Identification Information:
Originator: Microsoft
Publication date: 07/13/2018
Title: Montana Building Footprints
Publisher: Microsoft
Online linkage:

The Montana Building Footprints contains 762,288 polygons. It was originally published in GeoJSON format on GitHub. The Montana State Library has converted it to a shapefile. The building extraction is done in two stages: 1) Sematic Segmentation and 2) Polygonization. The vintage of the footprints depends on the vintage of the underlying imagery. Because Bing Imagery is a composite of multiple sources it is difficult to know the exact dates for individual pieces of data. For more information about the process and the dataset visit: The dataset is also available in ArcGIS Online at:
The Montana Building Footprints contains 762,288 computer generated polygons.

Time period of content:
Calendar date: 07/13/2018
Currentness reference: Montana Statewide GIS dataset
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and update frequency: As Needed
Access constraints: None
Use constraints:
This data is freely available for download and use. This data is licensed by Microsoft under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).
Point of contact:
Montana State Library
PO Box 201800
Helena, Montana 59620-1800

Telephone: 406-444-5354
TDD/TTY telephone: Montana Relay 711
Fax: 406-444-0266

Data set credit: Microsoft
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Data Quality Information:

Process step:
Downloaded from in GeoJSON format. Converted to Esri Shapefile.
Process date: 07/17/2018
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Spatial Data Organization Information:
Point and vector object information:
SDTS object type: GT-polygon composed of chains
SDTS object count: 762288
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Spatial Reference Information:
Horizontal coordinate system definition:
Latitude resolution: 8.983152841195215e-09
Longitude resolution: 8.983152841195215e-09
Geographic coordinate units: Decimal Degrees
Geodetic model:
Horizontal datum name: D WGS 1984
Ellipsoid name: WGS 1984
Semi-major axis: 6378137.0
Denominator of flattening ratio: 298.257223563
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Entity and Attribute Information:
Entity type label: Montana_Building_Footprints

Attribute label: FID
Attribute definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute domain:
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

Attribute label: Shape
Attribute definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute domain: Coordinates defining the features.

Attribute label: Montana_ID

Attribute label: AREA

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Distribution Information:
Ted Chase
GIS Manager
Montana Department of Revenue Property Assessment Division
PO Box 8018
Helena, Montana 59604-8018

Telephone: 406-444-5586

Resource description: Downloadable Data

Distribution liability: See access and use constraints information.
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Metadata Reference Information:
Metadata date: 08/19/2019
Metadata contact:
Montana State Library
PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620

Telephone: 406-444-5354

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