Metadata for Lincoln County Montana Addresses Metadata for Lincoln County Montana Addresses
Identification Information:
Originator: Lincoln County Planning Department
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Title: Lincoln County Montana Addresses
Publisher: Lincoln County Planning Department

The Lincoln County, Montana Addresses dataset was created by a third party contractor during E911 readdressing from 2005 until 2007. This contractor collected the majority of address information and performed the readdressing of over 7000 residences. As a rule, Addresses are assigned at the end of the driveway. Addresses are determined by using feet U.S. measured out from the intersection of the main road to the end of the driveway to be addressed and divided by 5.3. From the direction of emergency services addresses are even on the right and odd on the left. This dataset is continually being updated.
Purpose: E911 Emergency Services

Time period of content:
Calendar date: 2007
Currentness reference: Publication Date
Progress: On Going
Maintenance and update frequency: Quarterly
Use constraints:
Neither Lincoln County, Montana nor any of its employees, makes any warranty or guarantee to this data and assumes no legal responsibility for the information. Information is derived from multiple sources, subject to constant change, and may be of questionable accuracy, currency and completeness. Data is provided for informational purposes only. Primary information sources should be consulted for verification of data. Deriving conclusions from this data is done at the user's risk. This data does not necessarily meet mapping, surveying, or engineering standards and is not intended for design purposes. User should use caution when overlaying other datasets as it may not display correctly with other layers.
Point of contact:
Debra Blystone
Lincoln County Planning Department
512 California Ave
Libby, Montana 59923

Telephone: 406-283-2464

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Spatial Data Organization Information:
Point and vector object information:
SDTS object type: Entity point
SDTS object count: 11
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Spatial Reference Information:
Horizontal coordinate system definition:
Map projection:
Map projection name: NAD 1983 StatePlane Montana FIPS 2500
Lambert conformal conic:
NAD 1983 StatePlane Montana FIPS 2500
Standard parallel: 45.0
Standard parallel: 49.0
Longitude of central meridian: -109.5
Latitude of projection origin: 44.25
False easting: 600000.0
False northing: 0.0
Planar distance units: Meter
Geodetic model:
Horizontal datum name: D North American 1983
Ellipsoid name: GRS 1980
Semi-major axis: 6378137.0
Denominator of flattening ratio: 298.257222101
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Entity and Attribute Information:
Entity type label: Lincoln County Addresses

Attribute label: FID
Attribute definition: Internal feature number.

Attribute label: SHAPE
Attribute definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute domain: Coordinates defining the features.

Attribute label: ID
Attribute definition: Unique Feature Number

Attribute label: DIR
Attribute definition: Cardinal Direction

Attribute label: ADDRESS
Attribute definition: Current Address

Attribute label: ADDRESS0
Attribute definition: Old Address

Attribute label: ADDRESSI
Attribute definition: Intermediate Address

Attribute label: CITY
Attribute definition: Community of Address

Attribute label: ZIP
Attribute definition: ZIP CODE

Attribute label: PLACE
Attribute definition: Type of Structure

Attribute label: TELCO
Attribute definition: Phone Company

Attribute label: H_NUM
Attribute definition: House Number

Attribute label: O_H_NUM
Attribute definition: Old House Number

Attribute label: ESN
Attribute definition: Emergency Service Number

Attribute label: LEGAL_DESC
Attribute definition: (Legal Description

Attribute label: PARCELID
Attribute definition: Parcel Indentification Number

Attribute label: DATE_EDITE
Attribute definition: Date Edited

Attribute label: UNITS
Attribute definition: Separate UNits

Attribute label: CITY_DESC
Attribute definition: City Designation

Attribute label: ADD_NUM
Attribute definition: Address NUmber

Attribute label: ADD_STREET
Attribute definition: Street Name

Attribute label: LATITUDE
Attribute definition: Latitude

Attribute label: LONGITUDE
Attribute definition: Longitude

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Distribution Information:
Debra Blystone
Lincoln County Planning Department
512 California Ave
Libby, Montana 59923

Telephone: 406-283-2464
Telephone: 406-283-2464

Resource description: Offline Data

Distribution liability: See access and use constraints information.
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Metadata Reference Information:
Metadata date: 10/01/2012
Metadata contact:
Debra Blystone
Lincoln County Planning Department
512 California Ave
Libby, Montana 59923

Telephone: 406-283-2464

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