Montana’s libraries support education, employment, entrepreneurship and lifelong engagement


  • Montana’s public libraries hold 4,465,788 items.
  • Montanans visited their public libraries an average of 4.5 times throughout the year, for a total of 4,655,040 visits in 2013.
  • MontanaLibrary2Go (statewide e-book collection) had an annual circulation of of 470,030.
  • Montana library patrons checked out 6,257,814 items in 2013, over 6 items per capita.
  • Librarians in Montana’s public libraries fielded 507,416 reference questions in 2013, or 9,758 questions per week.
  • The Talking Book Library mail-delivered circulation averages over 213,000 annually; digital downloads average 17,500 annually.
  • I00% of all Montana libraries provide Internet access to patrons.
  • Nearly half of all Montanans (482,214) have a library card.

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Public Libraries Increased Appropriation

The appropriation for state aid to libraries increased from $102,830 in FY2013 to $395,766 for FY’s 2014-2017. These dollars directly benefit Montana communities. For example:

  • We are now proctoring exams for college students, having health care navigators come and sign people up for health insurance and have our kids learning about computer programming. - Boulder Community Library
  • After reorganizing post-retirement staff duties, we were able to upgrade a staff position from a library assistant to a Professional Librarian. We hired a Programming and Outreach Librarian in December 2013. - ImagineIF Kalispell
  • The book club sets ...ensure that the cost of buying a new book each month will not deter a student from participating. - Joliet Public Library
  • Our most important accomplishment was the creation and success of our Youth Garden Club. - North Valley Public Library

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For additional information, visit the Public Library Statistics Statewide Library Performance Indicators section of the Montana State Library website.

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