ASPeN: Library Directory

Network Advisory Council Representation

Special Libraries

Organization Director Phone Email
Arden G. Hill Memorial Library Dixie-Linda Paronto (406) 731-2748
Barrett Hospital and Healthcare Library Sandra Rand (406) 683-3098
Benefis Health Sciences Library Pam Windmueller (406) 455-5594
Billings Clinic Medical Library  
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Medical Library Loretta Bendz (406) 585-5008
Broadwater County Museum/Library Rose Flynn (406) 266-3580
Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Ellen Crain (406) 782-3280
Cascade County Historical Society Archives Judy Ellinghausen (406) 727-7474
Census and Economic Information Center Mary Craigle (406) 841-2740
Community Medical Center Education Resources Pamela Olsen (406) 327-4038
Crowley Fleck Library  
DNRC Water Resources Library Cindy Forgey (406) 444-6601
Dowl Library Kimberly Neill (406) 656-6399
E. L. Weigand Art Library Resource Center  
EPA Superfund Records Center Lori Hallauer (406) 457-5046
Fire Effects Information System Eva Masin (406) 329-4820
Frederic G. Renner Library  
George C. Ruhle Library  
James E. McCreedy, M.D. Medical Library Heidi Sue Adams (406) 752-1739
Kay McKenna Memorial Library Carol Bock (406) 475-3638
Learning Center @ St. Patrick Hospital Dana Kopp (406) 329-5711
LH Lending Library Patti Hansen (406) 288-3436
Lillian Anderson Jensen Memorial Library  
Livingston HealthCare Library Sharon Fee (406) 823-6477
McLaughlin Research Institute Library Barbara Crain (406) 452-6208
Mike Mansfield Advanced Technology Center Technical Library Lee Black (406) 494-7244
Missoula Montana Stake Family History Center Merlyn Lofgren (406) 543-6377
Montana Department of Transportation Library  
Montana Historical Society Library and Archives Roberta Gebhardt (406) 444-4702
Montana Legislative Reference Center Sonia Gavin (406) 444-4848
Montana Museum of the Rockies  
Montana Public Service Commission Library Mike Maas (406) 444-6174
Montana State Genealogical Society Library Karen Huck (406) 447-1690
Montana State Library  
Native American Library Marilyn Hamer (406) 268-6847
NCAT Library Rose Sullivan (406) 494-8643
NorthWestern Energy Law Library (Closed) Tracy Lowney Killoy (406) 497-2130
Planned Parenthood of Montana Melissa Reams (406) 869-5046
Rimrock Foundation Library Hugh Kilbourne (800) 227-3953
Rocky Mountain Laboratories Library Taylor Robinson (406) 363-9212
Shodair Childrens Hospital Professional Library Marjorie MCNellis (406) 444-7518
St James Healthcare Medical Library Laurel Egan (406) 723-2523
St Paul's United Methodist Church  
St Peter's Hospital Medical Library  
St Vincent Healthcare Health Sciences Library Pam Trudell (406) 237-8640
State Law Library of Montana  
The Archie Bray Foundation Library Rachel Hicks (406) 443-3502
The World Museum of Mining Jerry Jordan (406) 723-7211
U.S. Geological Survey Library  
VA Medical Library  
Water Quality Planning Bureau Library Pamela Arroues (406) 444-6763
William P. Sherman Library and Archives Jessica Godfrey (406) 454-1234
Yellowstone Art Museum Library Liz Harding (406) 256-6804
Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Library Lynda Jorgenson (406) 651-2757
Yellowstone Gateway Museum of Park County Paul Shea (406) 222-4184
Yellowstone Research Library Jackie Jerla (307) 344-2264

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