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Colet Bartow

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Institution Name

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Montana State Library


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(406) 444-3365


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Mailing Address

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PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800
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Last Updated


Montana State Library ASPeN Certification

  • Library Staff Track
    • Specialization in Technology
  • Library Administrator Track
    • Specialization in Technology
  • Library Administrator Renewal

Person Specialties

Name Date Entered Information URL Proficient Trainer Mentor Interested In
Staff Training and Development 3/18/2022
ASPeN 7/25/2023 View
Laws, Policies and Procedures 7/25/2023
Strategic Planning 7/25/2023
Organizational Leadership 12/18/2023
Personnel Management 12/18/2023

Professional Organizations

Name Date Entered Information URL
Montana Library Association 3/18/2022 View


Continuing Education Coordinator Montana State Library (Helena)
Task Force Member Montana State Library (Helena)

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