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Welcome to the Montana Digital Atlas. The Digital Atlas is designed for finding geographic locations in Montana and exploring geographic databases, aerial photos, and topographic maps of those locations. It replaces the functionality of the State Library’s old Digital Atlas and Topofinder applications. Please contact us at if you experience difficulty with the application, if you see a problem with any of the data, or to suggest additional map layers.

Visit our Help Page for more in-depth instructions.

Topofinder Functions

  • Use the Search To button to find counties, towns, place names, legislative districts, lakes or streams, quadrangles, public land survey locations, or to zoom to a map coordinate.
  • Click on the map to place a marker and identify the map coordinates, quadrangles, township/range/section, and watershed of the location.

Mapping Functions

  • Click the Base Maps button to choose the background base map or aerial photo.
  • Use the Select Map Layers button to see the map layers that are available.
  • Display pre-rendered maps by topic.
  • Select multiple map layers from different categories
  • Click a link under Categories to narrow down the list of layers
  • Drag windows and popups to where they are most convenient for you

Reporting Functions

  • Use the Generate Report button to create reports for one or more layers based on your current search criteria or the current map extent.
  • Export reports to Excel or CSV

Data Download Functions

  • Use the Download Data button to download GIS data, where available, for the current map layers and search area or map extent.
  • Add additional layers to your download at checkout

Additional Functions

  • Use the Additional Map Information link to search the State Library catalogs for articles, books, and other resources for your mapping area.
  • Use the Copy Geometry button to get the GIS coordinates used to define your report or download area.
  • Select Copy Current Map Link to get a link to the current map that you have set up.
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