Montana Roads Web Map Service MSDI

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Data Provider Montana State Library
Date 03/16/2017
Content Type Live Data and Maps
MSDI Framework Transportation
Abstract The Montana Roads Web Map Service uses road line features from the Montana Transportation Framework: a statewide, seamless and standardized layer comprised of transportation data contributed by tribal, federal, state county, city and private partners.
Purpose A convenient method for viewing roads from the Montana Transportation Framework over the internet.
Supplemental Information
The Montana State Library provides this product/service for informational purposes only. The MSL did not produce it for, nor is it suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. Consumers of this information should review or consult the primary data and information sources to ascertain the viability of the information for their purposes. The MSL provides these data in good faith and in no event, shall be liable for any incorrect results or analysis, any lost profits and special, indirect or consequential damages to any party, arising out of or in connection with the use or the inability to use the data or the services provided. The MSL makes these data and services available as a convenience to the public, and for no other purpose. The MSL reserves the right to change or revise published data and/or services at any time.
Data Access
Distributor Montana State Library
PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800
Telephone: 406-444-5354
TDD/TTY: Montana Relay 711
Fax: 406-444-0266
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Metadata date 03/16/2017

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