Montana Structures/Addresses Framework - Web Service (Web Mercator) MSDI

Data Provider Montana State Library
Date 04/04/2018
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MSDI Framework Structures and Addresses
Abstract Map service for the Montana Structures MSDI Framework, in the Web Mercator coordinate system. Map service for the Montana Structures MSDI Framework. The service will only display at scales of 1:100,000 or larger. Structures are grouped into general categories based on the function, or type of structure. For example, the "Emergency services and law enforcment" category includes law enforcement, fire stations, ambulance services, emergency shelters, EOCs, and search and rescue. The Montana Structures/Addresses Framework is a statewide spatial database of structure and address points in the State of Montana. The Montana Structures/Addresses Framework is part of the Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI). The goal of the Montana Structures/Addresses Framework is to have a routinely updated statewide database of primary structures/buildings and addresses. Through a federated approach, the project integrates structures data from local, state, federal and private data providers into the standardized Montana Structures Database. For more information about the included datasets, see Source information in the Data Quality Information section of this document or the feature level metadata tables in the database.
Purpose The Structures/Addresses Framework is designed to support a wide range of uses for a statewide, standardized structures layer, from emergency response, to planning, to natural resource studies. This map service is intended for use in web applications and desktop clients.
Supplemental Information
The Montana State Library provides this product/service for informational purposes only. The Library did not produce it for, nor is it suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. Consumers of this information should review or consult the primary data and information sources to ascertain the viability of the information for their purposes. The Library provides these data in good faith but does not represent or warrant its accuracy, adequacy, or completeness. In no event shall the Library be liable for any incorrect results or analysis; any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages to any party; or any lost profits arising out of or in connection with the use or the inability to use the data or the services provided. The Library makes these data and services available as a convenience to the public, and for no other purpose. The Library reserves the right to change or revise published data and/or services at any time. State law (Montana Code Annotated 2-6-109 (1)(a)) explicitly prohibits State agencies from selling or distributing a list of persons to be used as a mailing list without first securing the permission of those on the list. State law (MCA 2-6-109 (1)(b)) also explicitly prohibits anyone from using a list of persons prepared by a state agency as a mailing list without first securing the permission of those on the list. "A person violating the provisions of subsection (1)(b) is guilty of a misdemeanor."
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