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Data Provider Montana Natural Heritage Program
Date 01/01/2016 - 09/07/2023
Content Type Live Data and Maps
MSDI Framework Land Use / Land Cover
Abstract This statewide land cover theme is a digital raster map of natural vegetation communities and disturbances (e.g. wildland fire) and human land use activities for Montana. The basemap is adapted from the LANDFIRE 2016 Remap (LF 2.0.0) Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) classification, which used 30 m resolution Landsat multi-spectral imagery that represented circa 2016 ground conditions. The EVT product contained the distribution of ecological systems classification units developed by NatureServe, and also included semi-natural (ruderal) vegetation types within the U.S. National Vegetation Classification (NVC). The EVT mapping was developed using decision tree models, field data, Landsat imagery, elevation, and biophysical gradient data. Detailed metadata for EVT can be found at Initial Data Sources and Processing Steps 2020 – 2021: The original LANDFIRE EVT raster was downloaded, clipped to the boundary of Montana, and projected from NAD 1983 Albers (meters) to NAD 1983-2011 State Plane Montana FIPS 2500 (meters). It was initially modified using state-specific datasets such as the 2017 MSDI Transportation Framework, the 2020 Montana Department of Revenue Final Land Unit (FLU) classification of private agricultural land, the USFS VMAP products and the Montana Ecological Groups; as well as national datasets such as SSURGO soils, the USGS Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP) and Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) rasters. Additional updates include reassignment of certain EVT classes and cross referencing some EVT classes to a modified version of ecological systems for Montana (Montana Field Guide for Ecological Systems, EVT classes were further reassigned where there was disagreement with the expected species range described in the Montana Field Guide. For a detailed description of these initial steps see data processing steps Section 1. Ecological Group Data Processing Steps 2021-2023: EVT classes were reassigned based on visual inspection of each ecological group and informed by ancillary datasets, such as ecological group attributes, NAIP imagery, SSURGO soils, and elevation and its derivatives. The methods implemented in revising the original LANDFIRE 2016 REMAP product represent a successful proof of concept for performing locationally specific updates rather than only systematic statewide revisions. Project funding and time constraints precluded addressing all errors of omission and commission in the original LANDFIRE 2016 Remap product that could have been revised using methods developed for updating Landfire EVT for Montana Land Cover. For a detailed description see data processing steps Section 2.
Purpose Montana Landcover 2023 (MTLC 2023) is based on the Existing Vegetation Type product released under LANDFIRE 2016 Remap (LF 2.0.0) modified using state-specific and national datasets, such as, transportation, Final Land Unit classification, LCMAP, MTBS, landscape level ecological units, and SSURGO soil map units. Montana Land Cover is a 30 meter by 30 meter pixel resolution product that is suitable for information purposes only and may not be appropriate for applications at the sub-regional, and landscape levels.
Supplemental Information
Use of this dataset is not recommended for fine-scale analyses (less than 1:50,000). Fires have only been updated to 2019.
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