Montana Waterbody Access (2013 - 2019)

Data Provider Montana Natural Heritage Program
Date 01/01/2013 - 12/31/2019
Content Type Downloadable Data
Abstract The Montana Waterbody Access dataset represents a snapshot of the probable presence of waterbody access structures and points. These data were visually surveyed from natural color digital aerial imagery collected during the summers of 2013, 2015, and 2017 by the National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP). In cases with unclear, shadowed, or ambiguous NAIP imagery, Google Earth imagery was consulted (generally from the summers of 2013-2016). Features were searched for at a scale of 1:4,000 - 1:5,000 and digitized at a scale potentially as fine as 1:2000. The following shoreline features may have been mapped: docks, ramps, marinas (extensive dock structures with 5 or more slips) and other access points. If a feature was present in any year in the imagery above, it was digitized. The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) was used to identify waterbodies. The shorelines of lake and reservoirs with surface areas greater than to 0.133 square kilometers (~1/20th square mile) were searched, resulting in over 1200 waterbodies surveyed (see lakeres_mapped4access layer). Additional searches were conducted along some major slow-flowing rivers that could potentially support docks (see rivers_mapped4access). Current (2019) Fishing Access Sites (FAS) were also reviewed and features mapped.
Purpose The Montana Waterbody Access dataset contains data for docks, ramps, marinas, and general access points on and around Montana’s largest lakes, reservoirs and select major rivers. These data were developed to assist with planning and response efforts related to Aquatic Invasive Species.
Supplemental Information
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