Woodland Draws

Data Provider University of Montana Spatial Analysis Lab
Date 01/18/2023
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Abstract Using NAIP imagery, Spatial Analysis Lab analysts at the University of Montana delineated woodland draw extents. Woodland draws were delineated using the Montana Natural Heritage Program's definition of the Woodland Draw and Ravine ecological system as a guide ( Once draws were delineated, they were assigned an ambiguity score indicating the analysts confidence that the feature was indeed a woodland draw. Finally, draws were attributed with various environmental variables from other data sources to inform further analysis and field work.
Purpose The digitized draws represent an inventory woodland draws across Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota to the extent that they can be identified and delineated via aerial imagery. The goal of this was to provide the BLM with an inventory of wooded draws and to identify locations for field data collection.
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