Flathead County School Districts

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Date 2016
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Abstract Flathead County School District boundaries are obtained from the Flathead County Superintendent of Schools, recorded with the Flathead County Clerk and Recorder Office, then digitized and adjusted to Flathead County's Parcel Polygon data by the Flathead County GIS Department.School District boundaries will be updated as annexations occur, and adjusted as needed to the Flathead County GIS Department's parcel polygon data.There is no separate boundary for the new Glacier High School because students within the Flathead High School District may petition to attend either Flathead or Glacier High School. The rough breakdown for the Flathead High School District is as follows: Flathead High School serves the students from these public elementary schools=Cayuse Prairie, Creston, Deer Park, Elrod, Fair-Mont-Egan, Hedges, Kila, Marion, Peterson, Pleasant Valley, Smith Valley, Somers/Lakeside. Glacier High School serves the students from these public elementary schools=Edgerton, Evergreen, Helena Flats, Olney-Bissell, Russell, West Valley. Enrollments from private schools such as Trinity Lutheran and St. Matthew's are evenly divided between the two high schools.
Purpose This dataset is used for general mapping and query purposes.
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Neither Flathead County, nor any of its employees, makes any warranty or guarantee to this data and assumes no legal responsibility for the information. Information is derived from multiple sources, subject to constant change, and may be of questionable accuracy, currency and completeness. Data is provided for informational purposes only. Primary information sources should be consulted for verification of data. Deriving conclusions from this data is done at the user's risk.This data does not necessarily meet mapping, surveying, or engineering standards and is not intended for design purposes. User should use caution when overlaying other datasets as it may not display correctly with other layers.
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